Symbols of Luck and Opportunity: Selecting the Right Gift for Your Friend

Symbols of Luck and Opportunity

Luck, Protection, Opportunity are one of the most desired symbols bringing much happiness to anyone receiving such gifts. Here’s how jewellery can make these happy emotions a reality.


Good luck and protection is what is universally associated with horseshoe. It is not surprising that Horseshoe jewellery is so popular. Horseshoe crescent shape represents moon goddess protecting believers from evil and providing them with good fortune.


A key is an opener of locks, doors, treasure chests, or someone’s heart. Keys represent unlimited opportunities and lead us into unknown worlds. It is often a symbol of freedom too, opening doors and protecting precious things. Keys can reveal secrets. Key jewellery offers an exciting opportunity to select a meaningful gift.


Similarly to a key symbol, padlock’s duality offers both protection and opportunity, it is both had and soft power, both masculine and feminine. It has been a romantic emblem for centuries. Gold or silver padlocks were used to send messages of love in the early 19th century.