The Best Romantic Symbols Open Hearts and Angel Wings: What to Choose?

Choosing Romantic Jewellery Gifts

When choosing a preset for a loved one or a very dear friend it is often difficult to choose the right and most appropriate symbol of romance, friendship or love.  What are these symbols?


One of the best and universally understood symbols of love is the shape of heart representing romantic love, delicate emotions and caring. This symbol has been used in almost every culture making it one of the most recognisable. Heart shaped jewellery is one of the best ways to express such feelings.

Angel Wing

Angels and Angel Wings in particular also often used to represent love, harmony, protection, purity and courage. Angel Wing jewellery can be a reminder of your guardian angel and a more divine connection to heaven and heavenly forces.


Home of pearls and wonderful sea creatures shells were ancient love symbols representing protective nature. Roman Goddess of love and fertility is often depicted surrounded by shells and sea foam. Additional meaning of regeneration is also associated with shells.